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Card Access Security System

​If you’re looking to increase the security of your building and are considering a card access security system, Canada Power Fencing can help you get the security system you need. These security systems work in many environments and provide several advantages for your building.

Know Who Is In the Building

With a key system or a building that stays open most of the time, you have no way to know who is in the building at any given time. A card system allows you to keep an eye on how you can provide better services to your patrons who may not come as often or to check which employees are working at a particular time. In an emergency, you will be able to easily determine who is or was in the building.

Control Secure Areas

Chances are that not all of your employees, patrons, guests, or visitors need to have access to every part of your building. With a card access security system, you can designate which doors a particular card will open.

For example, you can designate some areas that are available to everyone, while a storage room with expensive equipment or a security room could be accessed only by people who need to do so for their work responsibilities.

Keep a Safe Environment

A card access security system allows you to keep your facility more secure. Unlike keys, cards can’t be duplicated. If someone loses their access card, you can immediately deactivate the lost card and assign a new one so that someone who finds the card will not have access to the building.

Get a Security System Today

Card security systems are great options for schools, hospitals, and businesses of all sizes. Call Canada Power Fencing at (403) 370-3612 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how a card access security system can be an advantage for your situation.