​​​CANADA POWER FENCING‘s Electric Security Fences are not only safe, but also:

  1. Designed to comply with International Safety Standards – IEC60325-2-76
  2. All product installed to Canada Power Fencing’s Code of Practice
  3. Trained and Certified Installers in Gallagher products


  1. Barbed wire
  2. Razor wire
  3. Spikes (Rolling or Fixed)
  4. Palisade

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Compliance & Safety

We at CANADA POWER FENCING  understand that your site requires a reliable security solution with a high degree of configurability.​

Our installations maintain compliance with the latest safety standards:

  • IEC60335-2-76 Edition 2.2 2013-05
  • CE (EN50130.4 and CISPR 14-1
  • FCC
  • AS/NZS 60335-2-76:2003  Edition 2.1, Incorporating A1, A2 and A3
  • BS EN 60335-2-76:2005 and A2:2015
  • SANS 60335-2-76:2006 Edition 2.1
  • RoHS

The safety of all of our suppliers and vendors electric fence systems is at the forefront of our design considerations.
Touching an electric fence can be unpleasant, this is a necessary element of a forceful and effective deterrent.
The BIG question we are always asked… “Is it Safe?”
The answer is YES.

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